2020 is the perfect time to start a collection

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The simplest hobby is usually the best

My Grandad loved gardening. I hate it and leave it for my fiancee to deal with. This is not to say that everything is left to her, as that would be a lie. I wash up and she kindly looks after the garden. Being in London and renting means that the Garden is small and therefore, this is a fair arrangement.

Collecting reduces stress and promotes relaxation

It’s an odd concept to consider. Small pieces of paper when collected and spread out in a folder, stack, or frame, will reduce your stress levels.


The global pandemic has slowed but we have not defeated it. Millions will lose their jobs across the world, hundreds of thousands have lost their lives, and there is no vaccine. The situation has tested us all. In different ways, we have been asked to adapt the ways in which we live our lives. I am working from home, which has been a big change but having my fiancee with me has reduced any anxiety that I may have felt. Others are not as lucky as I am.

To conclude

2020 is a troubled year. The global pandemic known as Covid-19 is still running rampant and we could all do with a little TLC, but the availability of this is sporadic. A collection is a cheaper way in which to introduce a little stress relief to your life. You can start them from the safety of your own home and see them grow every day.

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