The excitement. The anticipation. With nervous energy, you arrive at the store to find that there was no point.

The launch of the GameCube was muted and it never performed as well as was expected, yet for me, it was perfect. I’ll never forget the experience of unboxing it myself and setting it up.

The GameCube will never be remembered for being a best seller, online pioneer, or multiplayer magnet. It will be remembered for the games, something that Nintendo always lives up to.

The younger brother to Microsoft's Xbox and Sony's PlayStation, Stadia dared to be different at a time of great change for the world.

Released a few months before the world was turned upside down, Stadia is an experiment. A means to show us all what the future of gaming will look like. It's doubted more than it is loved, yet for daring to be different we have to admire them.

Stadia offers users a gateway to premium experiences such as CyberPunk and Resident Evil: Village through a Cloud-based console, at a fraction of the install cost. …

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We yearn for it more than Gollum yearns for the one ring. We obsess over it when we are unhappy, yet when it arrives and it is not what we thought it would be, we get scared.

Change is a constant in life. No matter what you do, things will change at least at one point for you. That may not be today, tomorrow, or in a year's time, but change will always find you, just like time. The change will find you and slap your round the face quicker than you can say Rumplestiltskin.

Dealing With Change

Sometimes the change that finds…

The future of virtual reality could create the reality around us. Imagine bringing your friends and family from across the globe to the shores of Normandy. Looking around you to see the grit of determination as you storm the trenches and blow through the German bunkers.

Hear the shots of your weapons as the enemy is torn to shreds and you can see the whites of their eyes. Turn your shoulder to see your best friends bleeding out on the floor.

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Not merely because the storms have hit and the weather is as unpredictable as the average April. 2021 marks the end of restrictions in England and the chance for children to go on holiday.

With 1.5 million children absent from school last week, the Summer Holiday may be the break that everyone needs. The chance to reset the batteries and come back in September afresh.


Mental health, isolation and desire to get on holiday before the situation changes top the lists of reasons why. …

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A lecturer of mine used to tell us this at the end of a seminar consistently. We laughed. He would repeat his advice the following week, and it would never really sink in. The reading lists never got read.

They say that reading lists at university are like an unloved Teddy Bear. Purchased for the sake of being purchased, carted from residence to residence without ever being ingested.

Reading is good for the soul. Looking back, I feel as though it is something that was missing from my University tenure. Would it have helped my overall marks? …

The Wii was a runaway hit, selling more than 100 million consoles during its lifetime. Picking us off our lazy behinds and placing us in front of the television to engage in games that we had long since forgotten.

It was not the latest Call of Duty that set the world on fire here: it was tennis, bowling, and archery.

A Universal Hit

For many years, games had been the hobby of the few rather than the majority, appearing as somewhat of a ‘geeky’ pastime. The Wii arrived to change this perception.

Within simplistic frame were the blueprints of the future. Interaction, movement…

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This is what makes the world great, discussion and opinion. It was with this in mind that I began to Google the top 100 books of all time.

Before Googling the search, my belief was that I was a well-read individual. Immediately following the review of the results, this belief was shattered as from The Guardian's top 100 books of the 21st century, only two of them had passed my eyes.

‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’

The reach of J.K.Rowling's seminal series is phenomenal. From the commute home, penning what would become Harry Potter, to being one of the richest authors of all time. J.K.Rowling…

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The ability to home school is not a new consideration. Parents have had this ability for years, yet did not choose to move forward with it. This was until the pandemic, which empowered everyone across the world to ‘give it a go’.

Teachers For a Year

Through need rather than desire hundreds of thousands of parents were required to become, Teachers for the year.

The results have been mixed.

  • Some parents have torn their hair out and sat on the BBC Coronavirus homepage, hoping for an announcement about schools
  • Others have kept calm and carried on,
  • but the majority are glad that at least…

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Unless you have been lucky enough to live on a remote desert island, you will know the name, COVID-19.

Changing the world day by day, providing acceptance for spending the majority of our time at home. It has been a revolution of sorts.

COVID in England

I live in England. I drink tea and deep down know that we will not win the world cup on Sunday, yet I still want to watch. We are gluttons for punishment and have been punished over the last year.

Our Prime Minister has now announced the scrapping of all legal restrictions after July 19th. No more…

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Someone who has no idea about where their place is in this world, yet enjoys writing about books, education, entertainment and videogames

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