I have many friends but the morning ain’t one of them

This is not to say that we consider the morning to be evil or immoral, we just have little regard for the start of the day. The end of the day is another consideration. We love the evening, as by this time we have had our coffee and our food support. We are fully engaged in the world and in the prime of our day once the morning has gone.

Turning to your strengths is something that the pandemic has focused on. We have so many options in our lives that we can get overwhelmed, falling into employment that wants…

Through access to education and vaccines

The Prime Minister has set out his agenda for the future of the world. A world that learns from the pandemic and realises that the few cannot survive without the majority. Developing nations are a part of the environment that we call home. Holding them back and ruling from a distance is a demand of old.

One world with a core focus on the betterment through humanity via increased access to education. It is a great goal to have but how realistic is it?

We Need to Dream

I have a dream, you will have dreams and most likely, Boris Johnson has dreams. It…


But where are those good old-fashioned values…

They say that you should write what is in your heart and right now, my heart wants to write about values.

  • Whatever happened to them?
  • Have they transformed?
  • Did they get killed off in an unpublicized, yet sensational cover-up?

To my knowledge, they have simply been removed due to taking up too much time. Let me explain.

People Like Me

I was raised as an only child with (sounds like the start of a sensational movie plot) Mum and Grandparents nearby. My Dad wanted nothing to do with me, yet you cannot miss what has never been there.

My childhood was unconventional, dribbling…

Better education in England

It is quite simple really, better education for those living in England. This is not to say the world’s problems are not our concern, as they are. We are all human. We are all living on this earth and should be doing everything we can to push the species forward and help each other out when we are down. It is to say that the editor (me) lives in England, his partner lives in England and they have both been products of the system.

A Little Context

My partner is a Primary School teacher and from discussions, I was inspired to create an…

Has the pandemic shifted opulence in favour of love?

The number one question on the lips of many couples around the world is, what will it look like? I have no doubt that my fiancee and I will be able to get married this year, but what exactly that will look like is unclear. What I mean here is that restrictions will still exist and is it still a wedding if you cannot dance?

What makes a wedding a wedding? This is the key starting point that we should all consider. What are the core parts? Is it the ceremony and the two of you? I would say so…

Why does everyone assume that they will be uninvited?

I have to say that I am confused. Why say yes to attend and then spend the next year waiting to be uninvited? Why not strike first and say thank you, but we’re not that close? Surely you would want those close on your special day. Surely you invite people as you can’t bear to ‘tie the knot without them?’

COVID-19 is here. This is not news and weddings are not the most pressing concern for many. They are however of concern for those that have spent years saving for this one day.

In less than 150 days I am…

The experience of living on less has taught me

In order to function as we need to, we need food. For a week last month, I live on five pounds for five days. This may not sound like much of a challenge, but believe me, it was. The image below showcases what I was able to purchase with the money at my disposal.

In 100 years I will be dead

Happy to be proved wrong, but in 2121 I will be 131 years old, so unless science comes up with the cure for immortality, I will be ashes. It’s a rather sobering thought but then again, mortality is part of life. What I want to concentrate on is leaving the world in a better place than when I arrived.

Change is something that takes time. We will be unable to get Boris Johnson to get a decent haircut overnight and changes that need to be made in education will not happen tomorrow. I have my opinions and feelings on what…

Eating Spam sandwiches to grab your attention

What do you read on Medium and why do you read it? Do you skim read, going from left to right, leaving the vast majority of the article behind? If the answer is yes, then most likely, you are not alone. Not in the Doctor Who sense of the phrase but in the average user consideration.

If the headline and standfirst do not jump off the screen and slap you in the face, do you move on quicker than Donald Trump at a party? This is not to present an image of me being any different or better. …

Being mis-sold on the biggest day of your life

Between a good and a bad customer experience lies a vast wasteland of grey. The type of offering that leaves you screaming into your head. The type of experience that you cannot understand. Why have I been treated this way and why did we choose that company? It is something that my fiancee and I are running through with our wedding. We are going through the worst type of experience.

The Organisation

I will not name them as whilst I am angry, that would solve nothing and not everyone there is awful. Many I have not met and therefore, I should take…

Ben Shelley

People like me enjoy making a difference and focus on #education, #marketing, #reading and #videogames

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