Battle Royale, The Hunger Games, and now Squid Game

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The evolution continues but the principle remains the same.

Simple games which result in death, the fight for survival through arenas, and now, children’s games.

We seem obsessed as a species with the notion that playing games virtually is not enough. One day we will crack and desire more. …

Placing our thoughts on paper is essential to our core wellbeing

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Writing is my passion. From a young age, I have been obsessed with creating narratives via pen, pencil and keyboard.

Being creative and joining words together in order to generate a reaction from the reader. It has been a goal of mine since I was old enough to read. …

James Bond at 25

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After an 18 month delay, the evening was here. The tickets were booked (splashed out on two tickets at the Everyman Cinema) and the excitement had reached top tier levels. A bottle of wine to share and cookie dough on the side. …

Today marks a milestone for my writing

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February 13th 2020, marks a significant day in Medium history for me. It was the moment that I posted my first article. …


The shades of grey that lie within the realms of delivering credit

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If I took the article that you are writing now and published it myself, would you be annoyed?

I am not a lawyer and this article is by no means a step by step guide for getting even. It is a discussion point based around the workplace.

Let me set…

Teaching is harder than it looks

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Back in 2010, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. Dabblings in the past had kept my toes dipped into the teaching waters but beyond wading in at the shallow end I had never taken that first dive off of the tallest board.

University had…

Time for us all to say thank you for going above and beyond, educating the minds of tomorrow, today

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Held annually on the 5th of October, World Teachers’ Day celebrates the contributions that teachers make around the world.

It honours the adoption of the 1966 ILO/UNESCO recommendation concerning the Status of Teachers. Something that provides benchmarks regarding the rights and responsibilities of teachers.

Teachers deserve more respect than what…

Being your own human is tough when you are surrounded each day by people looking to bring you down

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Oftentimes this is done in a manner that is not overt, but it is there, under the surface.

  • Relationships with abusive partners that cause no physical pain but maintain control
  • Fellow humans on Twitter who comment on your picture and make you feel two centimeters tall
  • Parents who are unaware…

Taking a subject and building a story around it to close the week

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The world received no warning. We simply changed our behaviour, like a silent whistle that was blown, waking to find the ground scorched and communication destroyed. TV, radio and most importantly, the internet, all forms of communications were taken away yet we did not panic. …

Being wise is not as easy as it seems

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To the eagle-eyed out there, you will spot that the title of this article makes an acronym. That acronym being WISE. It is a politer version of KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). Both of which call for people to simplify their thought processes.

  • Being wise does not mean that your…

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Someone who has no idea about where their place is in this world, yet enjoys writing about books, education, entertainment and videogames

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