Away from the fear of closure is a ‘console’ that has a niche


So why do we try?

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We all want to be loved

Life is not a race to reach the most amount of friends

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With poverty reaching levels akin to that seen in the 1900’s I am living on £5 for five days

From a Primary Thought to an English Education

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What Has Gone Well


Returning to the office should be a thing of the past

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Will the pandemic create a temporary or permanent shift in the adoption of homeschooling?

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The workplace should offer everyone a blank canvas

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As part of Pokemon’s 25th anniversary, should I cash out or keep my memories?

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Two Decades of Investment

This money could have…

Reading informs writing, and therefore, should you be writing if you do not read?

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  • The modern audience would not react kindly to a novel that did not consider society around it
  • Readers online would not react kindly to this entry being written in Shakespearean English
  • Good writing…

Ben Shelley

On a quest to develop my passion for writing and share my love of education, marketing, gaming and books.

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