As part of Pokemon’s 25th anniversary, should I cash out or keep my memories?

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Some of those reading this will wonder why they are reading. Others will immediately understand the message, which is potentially something that arrives with age.

Some of those reading will have started a collection in their pre-teen years, only to see it left in the cupboard, before being taken out at work. This is how my story goes. Purchase-love-forget-renew-crisis.

Pokemon arrived at the right time to indoctrinate me into a lifetime quest to Catch em’all. I accept the conditioning, that is not the question, it is to ask, should I stay or should I go?

Two Decades of Investment

This money could have…

Reading informs writing, and therefore, should you be writing if you do not read?

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Reading is essential to writing. To read is to write. One cannot be found without the other, and whether we choose to accept or ignore it, the fact is that reading informs great writing.

Writing in isolation is not advised, as whilst creativity and the ability to craft a unique narrative are celebrated, the writing must have a basis in reality. What do I mean by this?

  • The modern audience would not react kindly to a novel that did not consider society around it
  • Readers online would not react kindly to this entry being written in Shakespearean English
  • Good writing…

Medium is not a journey to cheating the algorithm

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Something has been bothering me recently…that is the sheer number of these stories that I continually see on my homepage:

  • In my first few months I…
  • Here is how to earn more than $xxx per month
  • Use this secret in order to get more followers on Medium

Enough. Enough of the advice. Medium is a Forum for Great Writing Everything in life that is worth having takes time. You cannot cheat the system and you should want to cheat the system. Anything that is worth having is earned, not stolen.

Medium is Collaborative

This article has not been designed to be that contrarian…

Living locally has reduced the level of empathy that I have for others

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Fifty of the last fifty-two weeks have been spent within a three miles radius of my house. This has been due to the pandemic and has reduced the level of empathy I have for those ‘breaking the rules of life’. The selfish behavior, from the lack of mask-wearing to be happy to park your car on a pedestrian crossing. This level of tolerance, which I once had has all but been destroyed by the pandemic.

A New Perspective

To put it more succinctly, if we considered others more

Seeing the suffering of millions around the world has brought a new sense of irritation…

C.S.Lewis’ magical world reached beyond the wardrobe and brought with it new life

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‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ are a series of magical novels which showcase the journies of children thrust into battle in order to keep evil at bay. A tale of new life crafted around the age of struggles between good and evil provide the hooks to keep you reading.

From the little known beginnings in the ‘Magician’s Nephew’ to the widely loved ‘The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe’, and emotional conclusion in ‘The Last Battle’, ‘Narnia’ is a great tale in which to get lost in this Easter.

A Tale For All Ages

Reading ages are a guide. To ensure that young children do not…

The pandemic has removed stability from the lives of children and it is about time that we offered it back

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Monthly Feature. Each month we take a look back and what has occurred, with a view to answering what will happen next.

The Pandemic has brought with it challenge in a way that we have never seen before. Distance has become the greatest teacher when it has come to our daily lives. Work has been displaced, families distanced and the ability for children to learn has moved from home to school and back again, twice.

Stability is a luxury that we need to create for children moving forward.

An Irreversible Loss of Knowledge?

With each successive lockdown, we have been able to do more for…


Smartphones are amazingly addictive devices, which can strike early and result in a lifetime of addiction

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Imagination is the key to life. It separates us from the machines and adds a little dose of surprise in a predictable world. It is something that provides comfort in our darkest days. It shapes our children and helps them dream for a future better than the one in which they currently inhabit.

Imagination is something that is precious, yet it is leaving this world at an alarming speed. The advent of content at our fingertips is one of the primary reasons for this, with mobile phones being the primary vehicle for this change.

The Addiction Begins

The example here is that it…

In a world of doubt, how do you ensure that your message gets across?

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It is safe to say that Marketing can have a strained relationship with the world. As a profession, we are looking to convince potential customers to invest in what we are selling. We can be seen as ’, looking to con people, when that is not true. At least for me, it is not.

The pandemic forced many businesses to take a ‘hard left’. Forced a major rethink and to cut back on investment, which left Marketers such as myself to rethink our strategies. The result of this being to take a step back and truly analyse why.

Always Start With Why


One in three children rarely left home during the lockdown

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11,000 to 12,000 steps per day for girls, and 13,000 to 15,000 steps per day for boys

Children of school age need more steps per day than the widely known and accepted, 10,000 per day for adults. It is something that is essential to long term health and wellbeing, for a lack of steps can result in lifelong ailments such as Diabetes.

Reduced Opportunity

Without wishing to go into detail, as unless you have been sleeping under a rock the last year, the pandemic has reduced our lives. We have moved from…

Today is #NationalLetsLaughDay and that’s one joke that we can all get behind.

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A bishop, a priest, and a rabbit walk into the hospital to donate blood.
“What’s your blood group?” asks the nurse.
“I think I’m a type O,” replies the rabbit.

A simple laugh can cut across the most extreme situations in order to bring a smile, even in the darkest situations. It is something that is built into our genes, as deep down, we all want to be happy.

The last year has been a challenge for all of us. It has tested boundaries of what we consider normal and for my part, I can’t remember the last time I…

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