Forgetting about it is tougher

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Marriage reached me last month. On the 28th August on a sunny summer’s day, I was married to my partner of 4.5 years. It was a once in a lifetime event, with my face aching the next day from smiling too much.

Almost like a dream, the whole day passed in a daze and before I knew it sleep had found us and the day was over. After packing up the next day, we departed for our MiniMoon in Wales. A week away to take everything in and get used to the shiny new rings on our fingers.

A Third of All Marriages

The pandemic…

Will restrictions return or will shortages prevail?

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Today marks the point in which we are 100 days from Christmas.

A marmite date if there ever was one. Some live for Christmas, whilst others prefer to go to the Dentist.

Regardless of where you sit on the fence, you need to acknowledge that the festive period is essential to our lives. It generates billions, provides time for family and helps us to look back on the past year.

It is a time for reflection and new life.

Christmas is essential to life in the United Kingdom and for many others countries around the world. This is said in…

To Boldly go and Grab the Coffee

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When I was younger, I looked up to the science fiction shows which surrounded my life. They were idealistic and taught me a great deal about life. This is not to say that I had no parental direction, as I did. It is to say that as an only child with one parent, I was left to fill in the blanks.

From The Next Generation to Enterprise and back again, Star Trek helped to set my moral compass.

Protecting those who are vulnerable and doing the right thing no matter the cost. These…

How behaviour in the classroom affects everyone

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Shouting, swearing and grabbing his crotch, my partner relayed how a child in her class started the day. It was equal parts draining and harrowing to listen to. The child in question was eight years old at the time.

His behavior grew increasingly erratic as the weeks moved forward.

The Effect on the Teacher

No names or details will be provided but the story is true. My partner is a teacher and she will never forget the child in question and neither will I. Coming home after a long day at work, spinning around to see my partner asleep on the sofa at 7pm.


A privilege of the few became the norm for most

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This is an evolving question.

One that has grown from a definite no to a desire to go back and then a pause to consider the two.

The most heard desire is now for a hybrid approach. To be free to craft our own working weeks in order to get the most out of life for ourselves and our employer.

A hybrid approach sets expectations on both sides. It sets the expectation that the employee will attend the office, but is left free to choose which days to do so. When not in attendance the employee is free to work…

Greed removes the focus on the whole

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1% of the world’s population would be considered wealthy in their country. They hold all the money and therefore, most of the influence. The rest fight over what scraps are left in the hopes that one day enough will be attained to help their ascent to the top.

The purpose of wealth is to have everything but where do you stop? At what point do you say that enough is enough and use your influence to help others?


The west is the home of capitalism. The home of consumer culture and the home of greed. …

Are we over the challenge and onto the straight and narrow?

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At the end of the last school term up to 1.5 million children were absent. This was due to isolation, Covid worries, mental health concerns and a desire for parents to avoid cancelling their holidays. Two of these concerns have now ended with the window for summer holidays closed and isolation in the strictest sense, removed.

Covid worries still exist and if another lockdown occurs, then additional parents may consider home schooling. These will continue to remain in the minority and the biggest concern left is mental health. The situation has improved, yes, but worries still exist.

Vaccinations Amongst Teenagers

With those who…

The therapeutic nature of the Teddy Bear

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Sitting in the corner, the Teddy Bear sits, waiting for you to hold it. To pick up the fuzzy ball of love and let the troubles of your day depart.

Teddy Bears do not judge, do not talk and do not laugh. They sit there as we hold them and listen. Our troubles melt away in the eyes of our small friends.

We could learn a lot from our small friends. Rather than telling us right from wrong, they sit back and listen, hearing everything that we say.

32 Years of Age

I am 32 years of age. I have seen great joy and…

Mass communication is pointless

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'The age of the Orc is about to begin’. As the camera pulls out of the close-up and the hideous face is seen, the audience knows. This army that is about to attack Minas Tirith, the last city of men is where the final battle will be held.

The comparison here is that the Orc Army is about to wipe out all life on earth. Seemingly overnight, the tides have turned and the last stand is here. The same can be said for mass communication and productisation from a marketing point of view.

As consumers, we want choice, rather than…

Created for no purpose, yet it still sells

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Vests are the reserve of the elderly and the young.

  • The young because they have them forced on them from well-wishing Grandparents. I know that I went through this torture in life
  • The old as they have a never-ending need to keep warm.

My Grandparents

My Grandparents were the most loving and well-intentioned humans that I have ever had the fortune of meeting, but the summer vest and the offer of bathing at age 18 were not their best ideas.

Side note: I have tried to make cheese on toast in a toaster by turning it on its side and therefore, we…

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