Children today are returning to school

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The day we’ve all been promised has finally arrived. Whether through divine leadership or blind luck, we are here and children have returned to the classroom.

For the first time in 2021, children across the country are returning to the classroom. Whilst this will look differently per school, all school pupils, whether primary or secondary, will back to their desks before the end of the week. Secondary schools here are able to stagger the return over the week to account for the testing of students.

Too Soon?

No approach would appeal to everyone. No approach would have a universal endorsement, and no…

Today’s hit is tomorrow’s memory and companies need to do more and more in an attempt to stand out

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The churn. The never-ending churn of content is what the internet is made of. Today’s hit is tomorrow’s memory and companies need to do more and more in an attempt to stand out. With new extremes emerging to make more of an impact when compared to the last post, you have to ask what is missing, and more importantly, where it will end?

What is Missing?

With a million ways to share a skateboarding cat, how do you stand out? New businesses must feel as though they need an explosion to get attention. The temptation here is to make a bigger splash, but…

‘Second hand’ content can find a new audience

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Re-using content is not dirty. It is sensible and provides a new audience for your thoughts. This process is also one from which you can learn a great deal.

Stories which do not resonate on Medium are not necessarily bad, they may simply be misplaced. It’s all too easy to get disheartened when something that you spent hours on, loved, and feel will be the next bestseller ends up with less than 10 views and no reads. It is disheartening, believe me.

A flip in mindset is what is required here. Rather than considering the exercise to be a failure…

Every child deserves the opportunity to catch-up through Summer Schooling

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Over in America a national holiday exists to celebrate pigs. Animals that are primarily seen as food, yet are more intelligent than the average domestic animal.

Pigs outperform 3-year-old human children on cognition tests and are smarter than any domestic animal, and animal experts consider them more trainable than cats or dogs.
If Your Dog Tasted Like Pork, Would You Eat Her? Peta

Despite their intelligence, we continue to focus on their taste in our mouths. This level of misfocus can be applied to education priorities at the moment. Are we arming children for the future, or leaving them unprepared?

The Focus Should be all Children

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At its core, Resident Evil is about the development of tension, not the manufacturing of it

Resident Evil is 25 this year. Throughout its time, many great games have emerged, as well as many flops, yet it endures. When it stays true to that tried and tested formula, it wins. When it speeds up the process, it ends up in the bargain bin.

We agree on the what but the why is something that will never be agreed upon

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Send two people to the same event and you will receive two perspectives.

The Truth is something which is ever-changing. It is something that can be used to fascinating effect at times. Just take politics. If you ask a Donald Trump supporter as to whether or not he had COVID-19 then they will say yes, absolutely, when opponents would question the situation. His quick recovery was something that was debated for weeks and emphasised the fractured nature of American society in 2020.

Throughout everything, the quest for truth is something which has spawned marches and violence. We simply cannot be…

With one life to lead, is it not time to dream big and see what you can achieve?

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We are naturally geared towards being reluctant to put ourselves forward. Self-doubt is a keen predator that stalks us across our careers, leaving us in the same position for years. We are afraid to fail and rarely push ourselves to the limit.

If you own a Ferrari then you should yearn to reach top speed.

Infinite Potential

We can all do whatever we choose to but oftentimes reach a certain point and plateau, with rejection being a key reason for this.

I have been rejected, shown the door and moved out of the building (not physically, but I have worked in positions…

COVID-19 requires a re-think in education and extending school by a year could solve a great many problems

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Children have lived through a year of disrupted education. More is to come and with children who were in year 9 this time last year, now on the approach to their GCSEs, we need to act.

Children entering year 11 in September will be taking their GCSEs against the backdrop of months’ lost learning, resulting in a real knowledge drain.

As much as there are things that can be done with regards to home learning, it is not the same. When it is tempered against lack of internet and device access it is a recipe for inconsistency.

Some families will…

Being brought up with the knowledge that parents are always right is a lie

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My upbringing hinged on the fact that ‘Adults are always right’. For many years this was the driving force behind my decision making, to the point of being the most passive teenager in the world. If I was an animal at this time then I would have been a sloth.

Sleeping for upwards of 12 hours a day does teach you one thing, adults are not always right. Much like Father Christmas and the point in which you finally go, ‘Seems fairly obvious, that was a lie’, but kid yourself for years, the shattering of this illusion was life-affirming.


Not every animal can be therapeutic

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The fluffy cat, the loyal dog and the observant owl. Pets such as there are therapeutic, they promote wellbeing and help those in need of help. You see animals such as these used in care homes, schools and even prisons. They calm people down and promote positive feelings. This is not always the case though. Some animals can have the opposite effect when introduced.

Nothing in life is absolute

- COVID-19 Tests
- Manchester United
- Pets

Nothing is guaranteed. We could walk out of our houses tomorrow and get hit by a car and die. This is possible. Most of the time it does…

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