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Final Fantasy meets fitness

Other than Final Fantasy 10, there has been very little to entice me over to the wonderful world of magical adventure that awaits players in Final Fantasy. The subsequent sequel was purchased and swiftly traded in, alongside Final Fantasy 13, which sat on the side for years, longing to be played. A history of indifference is really how my relationship with Final Fantasy exists.

Dabbling to full-on investment

At the start of the year, my thoughts went to my waistband, much in the same way that others do, when we consider our New Year’s Resolutions. One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to lose weight and to do so, something more than running was required. Ring Fit proved to be the perfect addition here, alongside calorie counting and aerobic exercise in the form of running. The holy trinity of exercise, run, count and game. By utilising these three concepts, the battle of the bulge could commence. This began in earnest and reached another gear when lockdown hit the shores of the United Kingdom.

The health benefits

Today my weight stands at 74kg, which means that 6kg have been shed since the start of lockdown. It is an achievement and means that my wedding weight goal of 70kg is within my sights. By this token, the health benefits are easily evident. To top the initial figure off we need to look beyond simple weight loss as many diets help you initially lose weight but it’s the changing of habits that is really important, without which you will be doomed to lose weight and then constantly put it back on.

Is it fun though?

A key question with any new purchase of a game, is it fun? Despite the odd hybrid that is Final Fantasy and a home workout, it works surprisingly well. Different attacks are colour coded depending on the enemy, so you are always encouraged to use more than one style of attack. On top of this is the recharge time, so even if you were crazy enough to want to use the squat attack twice in a row, then you cannot.

To conclude

It may be a little expensive but for your money, you get a fun game that contains hidden depths and will see those pounds drop off with a little dedication. It is a purchase that has ensured my household sheds those pounds during lockdown rather than gaining them. It is a game that was inadvertently made for lockdown and if its sales have not increased then surprise would be my middle name.

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