A Long Welcome Back

Picking up where I left off…

Ben Shelley


I’m back. Okay, if truth be told then I have been back for a few weeks now but after a long holiday, it takes a while to settle back into the routine.

To go from relaxing and seeing as much as possible to the hustle and bustle of life once again. This is why it has taken me a while to write this entry as I have missed a few of the posts I had planned…

Best never to dwell on the past, focus on the future and what an exciting future it will be (hopefully).

The Honeymoon

The always insightful, Pam Winter has messaged me for an update and to tag her in when I do, so here I am keeping that promise (lesson one in life, always keep your word).

The honeymoon seems now to be a lifetime ago…in reality, it was only a month ago but, as cliche as it sounds, time feels as though it has rapidly sped up from that point to today where I am sitting here typing this with only 87 days to go until Christmas.

Across the four and a half weeks that my wife and I travelled we went to Bulgaria, Malaysia and Indonesia, culminating in Australia for a few days to see the beautiful, quokkas.

My top five memories:

  1. Seeing the Quokkas on Rottnest Island on our anniversary
    If you ever have the chance to see the amazing creatures, then I would recommend taking it as they are unafraid of humans, look adorable and you can get the most amazing selfie.

To have been able to see them on our anniversary on such a picturesque and beautiful beach was simply the icing on the cake. Having a picnic on the beach as the sun was shining and we travelled around by bike…it’s enough to bring a smile to my face as I write this entry.

2. Seeing Fireflies at Kuala Selangor
This was unexpected. I had researched the tour beforehand and thought that the eagle feeding and the Blue Tears would be the highlight but no, seeing fireflies light up the surrounding bushes on the lake, before flying onto the boat and lighting up your hand was priceless. Amazingly gentle creatures…



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