A painstaking smash for Mr.Game and Watch

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Never a dull moment

By limiting the battles to a few minutes each and ensuring that each map was contained inside a limited square area, you made sure that encounters were exciting and frantic. Never to the point of ridiculousness but more than enough to keep you playing.

1,000 battles for Mr.Game and Watch

You could tinker with the settings in the background, as you can these days, with any self-respecting game. So rather than setting the battles for a standard three-minute bout, with unlimited lives, you could set them for one life only, sudden death. To unlock them all normally would have taken me and a friend more than two days with two controllers and that is assuming that we didn’t sleep or eat. It was something that in my head, would take too long and therefore, condensed the experience.

Limited choice

Back in 2001, two games sat in front of the Gamecube for around a year. The launch line-up for the console was not one that sent friends mad in a fit of envy, it was one that was smiled at and then followed up with a question of, where’s the rest?

To conclude

Mr. Game and Watch was the product of more than 100 hours of gameplay, or he should have been. Circumnavigating the system to unlock him quicker was a great idea and didn’t take away from the experience, it only enhanced it and added additional time to an already completed entity.

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