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Is this the end or the beginning?

Ben Shelley
4 min readMay 31, 2023
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Chat GPT is not a revolution in development, it is an evolution and should be taken with a pinch of salt.

VR and 3D, have both come and gone. VR is apparently still in its ascendancy but realistically, who can afford it and where is the huge
install base?

At more than £1,000 for a PS5 and PSVR2, that eliminates a huge part of your player base and that is why the tech will never take off.

New things are always around the corner and that is what makes life great but how many of them truly stick and revolutionise our lives?

It Will Replace Humans

No. We are not walking through the opening scenes of The Terminator. We are walking through the early stages of evolution that will build upon algorithms that connect data threads and verify sources, reducing repetitive tasks. This is merely the next level of that evolution.

It is referencing a ridiculous amount of data in order to create understanding. There is nothing unique about it, it is simply a tool, much like a spanner or can opener that improves an otherwise repetitive or unproductive task.

It will replace jobs in the same way that many butchers have been replaced by supermarkets. In the same way that automation lines replaced human jobs but through all of this, new jobs and opportunities will become available and we need to be prepared for this.

It is nothing new to consider the fact that we need to stay on our toes at all times. Keeping an eye on trends and behaviour shifts as with that comes a wave of change, yet change takes time. Very few applications in life are an overnight success and the same will be true with AI and how we associate that into our lives.

Eradicate Jobs

Jobs will evolve and we are still many, many, many, many, many years away from your colleagues all being AI driven but we are at the next stage of automation evolution.

It will not suddenly begin dialling phones and replace the sales process as people will still want to see those they are buying from. Maybe not in person but video calls are essential and at some point, you will want this tangible connection. AI does not have this.

It can help you to create a generic email that can then be delivered to the target audience. You can then edit and send but it will take away the need for conscious thought and replace time within the process.

That time can then be associated elsewhere. The same can be said for data pools and organising calendars, it can do that and to certain extents has been doing so for years.

Jobs will not be eradicated through this evolution in the working process, they will simply need to evolve. Society will grow to adapt and also consider where investment will lie. Will we need ethics tutors to work with tech teams in development and integration functions?

Society needs to move forward in order to push boundaries and provide chances for change, yet change is scary.

When I see headlines such as AI are taking jobs a part of me does worry but all it really means is that new opportunities will arise and having base skills that can be adapted will always find a space in this world.

It Will Write Your Child’s School Report

This area I had not considered before. Teachers could and would use ChatGPT to write the comments that they would then associate with the child in question.

When I heard this my initial thought was outrage and whilst I have calmed down to disappointment, I am still taken aback that this is even a consideration. Teachers work incredibly long hours and deserve all the respect in the universe but for me this is personal.

The levels and grades as well as the subjects in question are already added for them but for me, writing personal comments from an AI just seems wrong. It’s taking all other school reports and generating a jumble of words that sound personal, nothing inherently wrong with that until you consider the relationship.

The relationship between a child and their teacher is personal. It is unique and is built on trust. This is why some children feel more comfortable speaking to their teacher than their parents. They are trusted adults and that takes time.

Children do not trust overnight, none of us do. We take time to view behaviour and associate that to trust or avoidance, it is how we have been created and then to reflect a level of generic feels wrong.

To consider that the words I am reading do not reflect that of the teacher but a lifetime of teachers and the general words used to break the bubble.

A Final Thought

Chat GPT will be useful in terms of moving the species forward, shifting repetitive tasks from daily annoyances to simple processes that will save time to focus on other areas. This is where it will shine and yes there will be jobs that will then become obsolete.

The funny consideration here is that the jobs that may be slimmed down and reduced in size are predominantly middle-class jobs.

Those from the public sector and working-class areas of life, such as teachers, police officers, nurses and those who stack shelves. These roles were proven essential during the pandemic and yet today, we once again take them for granted.

There is fear with any change in life, that is unavoidable and yet where there is fear, there is also hope for a better tomorrow. For the world to use this shift for good and to see where it can save time and free up resources in sectors of life that badly need support.

There will be numerous benefits to the integration of AI but one of those should not be the loss of personalisation in things such as reports.



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