COVID Learnings

What did we learn from COVID?

Ben Shelley


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We, or more particularly, I learned that whatever can happen, will happen.

This is what I already knew and understood but oftentimes in life, seeing is believing and we can talk about something in infinite detail but until we see it for ourselves, we do not understand.

Live by what we say and not by what we do. This is how we should approach each and every day but oftentimes, we hate to consider the worst-case scenario. We should but many things can hold us back.

We can be held back through fear or uncertainty that makes us doubt ourselves and what we are doing in life.

We consider the worst only when it occurs rather than weaving it into the underlying messaging that dictates our lives. This is the trap and this is very human and I should know as I am a human and I have doubts.

All the time, every day, I have doubts, with the only conclusion being how we move beyond this and push through our days, this is what is essential.

We all learned it first hand and whilst I always hoped for the best and prepared for the worst before, I now do it in more detail.

Not to the office-based disaster recovery but to the point where I run through all available scenarios and plan for every eventuality in the hope that it is not needed but if it is then I will be prepared.

As a single man, seven years ago, this was not as important as it is today. I am now married and in a few years time, I will be looking to start a family with my wife. A key component of this is that I need to be responsible.

I need to consider all the outcomes as when and if my wife and I make the move towards buying a house, we need to have a continual flow of money through work but this can never be guaranteed.

The question then becomes how can I invest any spare money in order to cut back and embed a level of recurring income that can top up savings and also compensate for any short-term loss in revenue.

This is essential and it will also underpin our life together. We can ensure that we continue to move forward, regardless of what the world throws at us and that is the most important consideration.



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