Creativity Never Stops

At what point do you consider that enough is enough?

Ben Shelley


Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

When you move to the side and move into something else? I mean with the majority of the world having more choice than ever before, is there a breaking point?

Is there a moment where we all walk away and say that we need to do something else and that a break is absolutely essential to our health?

There must be, right?

I mean if we all had no troubles in life then surely would we simply be happier? But then again that is not humanity…we are not a happy species.

We are a conflicted species that is required to challenge ourselves on a constant basis in order to continue growing.

We cannot accept that life could be easy…we need to make it tough for ourselves in order to break through the monotony of the day-to-day, as a challenge is tough and whilst we are challenged we feel alive.

Without challenge, there is apathy and a lack of creativity, which is arguably where Disney comes from. By having absolutely no creativity we end up with a lack of passion and copies within copies within copies which is never a good thing in life and should always be avoided.

I love creativity from cradle to the grave and hope that I never lose that desire for difference and for pushing the envelope out and trying new things in my life.

I still remember creating short stories for my Grandad at a young age and to this day I continually create news stories, blogs and creative arks that will serve me in the future as I have a passion for creating original content.

I want to be at that point in my life where I have tried everything that I want to and left the doubts of the past behind. This is what I am aiming for and hope to never leave behind.

I love my job, my life and everything that makes me who I am. When I finally die, I hope that I can walk away happy in the knowledge that I have ticked off everything that I sought to do and left nothing behind.

I took the time to be brave and ensure that all of those hopes and dreams were finished off and not left to the wayside to be finished off by my children as no future parent wants that thought in their…



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