Email Marketing

A simple means by which to build rapport or distrust with your customers?

Ben Shelley
5 min readJun 30, 2022


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Email marketing much like Google Adwords is not the easy route to success that it once was.

In the past, it was as easy as purchasing lots of adverts or sending as many emails as possible. You would make sales, reaching thousands quickly and easily, with profits on the increase and everyone was happy. No one cared about the attrition rates.

Today that story looks a little different. People still care about profit but because the marketplace is so crowded and people are used to spotting ‘marketing’ emails, conversions are lower. Click-through rates are in the small percentages, yet some still convert. They click through and purchase, yet that is not how to create success.

You build an engaged audience and deliver them great content which keeps coming back week after week. In other words, you treat them as humans with a need to fill rather than a commodity stick.

Treat Your Customers Like Humans

It may be old-fashioned to say, but you should treat people as equals.

  • You should treat them as you would treat a family member
  • You should put yourself in their shoes and offer them value, as we are all looking for something that adds to our lives, rather than detracts from it.

No matter how many commands I receive in life to leverage humans, I refuse. I want to be honest, to be trusted. To treat others as I would like to be treated, rather than using others for personal gain. This is something that I refuse to embrace as we all have feelings and goals, which should be nurtured rather than controlled.

I work in marketing and utilise email as my primary medium, yet consider my audience my friends. I treat them as my extended family and my first thought in the day is, how would my friends respond if I sent them this information? Would they embrace my message or run screaming as I am attempting to force them into action.

The goal of marketing for me is to find an audience for your product. A group of humans that is interested in what you are selling. An audience that is receptive to your message and not one in which…



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