Fiction on Friday — The Necklace

Taking a subject and building a story around it to close the week

Ben Shelley
8 min readOct 1, 2021


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The world received no warning. We simply changed our behaviour, like a silent whistle that was blown, waking to find the ground scorched and communication destroyed. TV, radio and most importantly, the internet, all forms of communications were taken away yet we did not panic. We simply walked outside our doors and picked up our new clothes.

Whilst changing in the upstairs bathroom I had the feeling that someone was watching me, yet I did not scream. Pulling the skintight blue outfit over my naked body, I smiled in an uncharacteristic manner before walking downstairs to find my children. Rather than blue outfits, they were covered in red and my husband, violet. Instead of panicking, we walked outside to find our neighbours, friends and vague acquaintances staring back at us in different coloured costumes.

In total there were seven colours, a means in which to divide us, yet rather than talk about as we would have in the past, we walked to the end of our road. At this point, the crowd dispersed in multiple directions.

My new destiny was to be a washer. Not the busy socialite and mother that I once was. Someone else was raising my children now, I was unfit and whilst this was never something which had crossed my mind before, it was now as clear as day.

My children were a memory. Images of them remained around the house, yet they were not needed. The impression of them was etched into my head, like the walk to work each day. Monday to Sunday, 10 am to 10 pm I helped the others wash. To take away the stains. We never conversed, only worked. Blank slates with everything left unsaid.

For years my life moved in this manner.

This was until yesterday when I found the heart-shaped locket. Sitting at the bottom of the basic, it stared back at me like an image from the past. It was like an itch that I needed to scratch. Throughout the day it stared back at me, begging to be taken home.

So I did just that, grabbing the immaculate necklace and placing it under my lycra. At that same moment, a feeling of awareness washed over me. The sudden release of emotions was like a drain being unblocked after…



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