Find Your Purpose

Not as easy as you think

Ben Shelley


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We are all here on this earth for a limited time. That could either be for a year, ten years, a hundred years or simply hours. It is something that defines our mortality in a unique manner as we are all born with this knowledge.

We all understand that we have but one life to live, yet whilst some acknowledge this, others fight to the death in order to try to deny it. To place their fingers over their ears and deny it until the end and some simply cling to religion as a crutch to lean on.

We feel as though a year takes forever when we are young, yet as we get older we understand that a year can disappear in the blink of an eye.

We start by feeling happy to lie in front of the television for days on end, watching absolute rubbish, then, when we are older we feel as though we need to justify the investment in time. There needs to be a return in the action and our level of critique increases.

Having a Purpose

Purpose is subjective much like which football team you support. Some stand steadfastly behind teams who are destined for failure as they have done across their entire lifetime, yet they continue.

It is mystifying for some whilst others have faith and believe that this level of support provides purpose to their week. Manchester United for example are the team that I support and whilst some abandoned ship when Alex Ferguson left, I have continued to support them.

Others support teams such as West Ham barely cling on to their league position, yet somehow always survive and I do not understand the reason for this. I understand the desire to support however and how that can offer stability and purpose in the day of another.

I have a purpose and that is to support my wife. To love her and cherish her until our dying breaths. To raise a family with her and place her ahead of everything else in my life.

This is my purpose and yet within that purpose, there is a cloud of grey, something that is not said within the confines of having an affair. It is said within the clouds of working hard to support my wife at work, when I am home, how I represent us and in everything that I do.



Ben Shelley

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