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A worry

I always like to where possible read the books first as I find that the relevant television series or film can influence your perceptions of the characters. I have not read Harry Potter since I have seen the films, as all I see in my mind’s eye when I read Hermione’s character is Emma Watson when my original perception was completely different.

The progression

The journey throughout the books is memorable and held within a specially reserved part of my brain. This part is responsible for remembering the absolute best of literally, videogame and television experiences. It is a hall of fame of sorts and even though the books are not complete, I have faith that when they are they will still deserve their place there. It will still be there alongside the first Metal Gear Solid game, the Hunger Games books and Star Trek the Next Generation.

The lost characters

Lady Stoneheart, Quentyn Martell, Penny the Dwarf and Strong Belwas are but a few of the characters dropped from the television story and I can see why. A television show has limited time across the course of the series to tell the story and so by this token needs to prioritise based on the finale. As Quentyn Martell dies and his only real plotline is to attempt to romance Daernys and then later, release her dragons, he can easily be written out. Now in the books, I imagine that his death will have an effect on his Dad which will then be played out but for the highlighted narrative that the show needs to provide, you can work around his absence.

The Winds of Winter

Beyond the reading of the books that are out there, there is the promise of more to come and so really, there’s never been a better time to read them. As the excitement of Christmas being around the corner, the Winds of Winter are on their way to blow the cobwebs out. Something that is urgently required with the situation in the world right now. Sales of which will increase tenfold I would guess as people are stuck behind closed doors.

  • People will be more accepting of a split book for the last, as long as this one meets expectations
  • He will want to get it right and to give himself enough scope in which to do so.

To conclude

If you were a fan of the television show then I imagine that you were not overly enamoured with the finale. If so, then you were not alone, the ending for me felt rushed and over the last two seasons I found only two decent episodes. The series finale is something that I do not relish going back to watch but at the rate I am getting through content, we may need to.

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