In the Pale Moonlight Star Trek changed

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The shattering of perception

There were hints of deceit and people being corrupt before this episode, such as those seen with the Maquis, but this is the ultimate blow to humanity’s incorruptible image.

My favourite episode

In the Pale Moonlight is my favourite episode of Trek, helped greatly by Avery Brooks, who I rate as an actor. For large portions of the episode, he is speaking directly to the camera, breaking the fourth wall. It is as though he is speaking directly to the audience and confessing his sins. He needs to tell someone as he cannot trust that anyone else who hears won’t rat him out and listen to their conscience.

The ending

The episode ends with Brooks’ character repeating the words, ‘I can live with, I can live with it’, before deleting the whole recording.

Star Trek has endured

Bablyon 5, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Firefly, these have all come and gone, but Star Trek has endured. This is because it has changed with the audience. With all the troubles in society such as the Civil Rights movement in America, it was easy to escape into a show that showed a utopia for the future.

To conclude

In the Pale Moonlight is my favourite episode of Star Trek. It is the moment in which the illusion of perfection was broken. Humans are flawed and always will be. We can have the best intentions but if we are desperate, then we are capable of anything. This is the reality of the world and one that is personified through Star Trek.

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