London and Country Life

The choice that has to be made

Ben Shelley


Photo by Giammarco Boscaro on Unsplash

Sitting here right now in my sister-in-law’s house, as my wife and I dog sit for just over a week, a thought has struck me.

  • What if this was my life?
  • What if we packed it all in and decided to move to the country, forsaking the city in order to leave it all behind?

It would be much cheaper for one thing and we probably could afford a house quicker. We would be able to raise children in the comfort of the countryside and rest a little easier at night as the crime rate would be reduced and itt would also make my mother-in-law happy.

My wife’s Mum is pushing us towards buying a house in the country to leave London behind and start a family sooner rather than later. It is something that is logical and yet quite frankly undesirable from two points of view, one in the sense that we are being told what to do and the other being London is great, or at least it is right now.

A Situational Love

As I’m writing this I can’t help but feel as though it would be nice to have a house to call our own. To be able to come home and have space to move, beyond the confines of our small flat.

A flat that is great and we have lots of great memories with but we cannot deny it is small. We need to grow. We cannot continue pumping money into something of this size.

London itself is also great at this point in our lives, but and I have to emphasise this consideration, it is great right now as we can go to the pub.

We can live a life of no care in order to make the most of every day but when we do have children, would we still be able to live life in this way?

Having children means sacrifice and that is not to be dramatic but it is to be blunt. You do sacrifice the life around in order to focus on them and whilst this is an amazing calling and something that we wish to do, we have to be realistic and consider that it will change the life in which we lead.

What Would We Lose?

First and foremost, our earning power would dramatically drop, with me, in particular, being required to take a step up just to make the same amount of money…and…



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