Love Actually is All Around at Christmas

Everybody has a favourite Christmas film and this is mine

Ben Shelley
5 min readDec 21, 2020


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I believe that everyone has a favourite Christmas film and if there is ever a year in which to watch yours, it is 2020.

As much as the season of Christmas is one that should be defined by speech, there is always room for a Christmas film. When the Turkey ends and you feel as though your stomach can take no more you head for the sofa and rest your weary head. This is something that I am looking forward to this Christmas, sitting down after the feast to watch Love Actually with my fiancée.

The choice of film is something that is entirely subjective and something that I imagine most people would have an opinion on. Whether it is Home Alone, Die Hard, A Nightmare Before Christmas, or some other variant, we all have a film which we love to watch during the festive period.

Love Actually is my choice of film, as it embodies everything about the season that I love. It places first and foremost the stories of ‘ordinary people’. It has an amazing cast who personify these stories in a myriad of different ways, and who does so with a smile on their faces. It is one for this year and so it is one tradition that I will not leave behind.

Are There Alternatives?

Of course there are alternatives. As human beings, we are surrounded by a world of possibility. We have choices. Whether to leave our houses and turn left or right, we have choices.

The chief of these alternative choices for is Home Alone. The epitome of 90’s Christmas films starring Macaulay Culkin is a classic, with a child left alone during the holidays. His family leaves him in the house as they fly off for Christmas. Rather than panic he gets supplies and defends the house from burglars. It is a tongue in cheek experience and one that still today can put a smile on my face.

Home Alone is a great trip down memory lane and one in which I enjoy watching back. It is a film that completely epitomises Christmas, but it is not my favourite, as it’s sole focus is comedy. What I want from my Christmas film is something that makes me smile and think, whilst showcasing the best parts of humanity.



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