People can only focus on one headline at a time

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People can’t focus on more than one outrage at a time

Who remembers Brexit? Right now, who in the United Kingdom, other than those who are working on it, remember? Not many would be my argument and this, in turn, gives the government license to make changes under the cover of Covid-19. Then, when the headline emerges next year that the United Kingdom left under a ‘Hard Brexit’, people will be outraged, as it will once again be topical. The lesson here is that if you dig in for long enough, then people will eventually forget until the next entertainment cycle arrives.

These issues are ALWAYS here

The truth is that all of these issues have not gone away. Covid-19 is still running amock across the world but people are bored. The majority of people are in shops doing as they please, having parties and events with more than they should. Some of the northern areas most affected by the storms are still rebuilding, and black lives still matter. All lives matter. All of these items are major concerns and we should never forget them but with the news in cycles, and smartphone addictions, we only care about what is right in front of us.

To conclude

We are all human and we all forget. We also get bombarded with the same news items, over and over again, tuning out after a while. It’s no longer news is what you hear, but that is not true. Struggles in Syria are still there. Covid-19 is still here and Black Lives will always matter. It is just that we can’t all feel what those who are affected, are going through, so we tune out.

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