Remembering Star Wars: Rogue Squadron

Photo by Brian McGowan on Unsplash

The ability to fly

We take this for granted, but for me, Rogue Squadron was the first three-dimensional game in which space flight was possible. To turn with speed and come out close to the target, to open up the laser cannons and fire, completing the mission with the smallest amount of health left was breathtaking. It was something not seen before in games, at least for me anyway and made me want to squeeze every minute out of the experience.

The controller

One of the reasons why the game felt so special and still does is the controller. The Gamecube controller is a comfortable companion, so much so that the Switch offers a wireless Gamecube controller in order to play Smash Bros on. Despite the steps that technology has taken to move forward, a near twenty-year-old controller is still the preferred means in which to play a flagship game. This says a lot about Nintendo and thinking ahead.

An experience not replicated

Let’s not beat around the bush, Rogue Squadron is not a new experience. The games are not high definition and the levels are on rails. You cannot go beyond the confines of what the developers have created, but this does not matter. Who cares if the experience is geared in one direction, as long as what is on that route is engaging and grabs your attention, that for me, is what truly matters.

To conclude

The Gamecube is one retro console that will never leave my shelf again. It is old but like any long-term friendship, an experience that is cherished. The games are unique, with Rogue Squadron being responsible for taking many hours off of my life. Something that would normally scare people but not me, these were hours well spent.

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