Should you buy it if you will never use?

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What brought this to life?

The largest catalyst was most likely the realisation that I am getting older and have less time each year. I’m not sure how this works and can only conclude that as you get older, you realise that the amount of sleep you actually need is more than you give your body. So then you give in by going to bed earlier and earlier until you reach a line that you will not cross. For me, this is heading to bed before 10pm and waking up before 6am.

From blu rays to videogames and books

On my four shelves currently sits:

  • Fifty books at an average of 500 pages each
  • At present, I read an average of 200 pages per week
  • Thirty video games at an average completion time of 20 hours each
  • At present, I play an average of five hours per week.
  • 125 weeks or two years and 21 weeks to read all my books
  • 600 hours or 120 weeks or two years and 16 weeks to finish all of my video games
  • This makes a grand total of:
  • Four years and 39 weeks to read all of the books on my shelf and to complete all of the videogames
  • Adding in the blu rays and I would say that I watch an average of five hours a week of these and so the total changes to:
  • Five years and seven weeks to watch, read, play and consume all of the content that currently litters my shelf.

Not forgetting their online equivalents

Even if I do not include the litany of free games that you wouldn’t look twice at in a nightclub, I still have another 50 to add to the list. That is thirty videogames across my PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia and Laptop. It adds another 200 weeks to the equation or three years and 44 weeks, moving the total to eight years and 51 weeks to finish everything in my back library.

What am I going to do about this?

I’m going to take a year of use everything on my shelf. If only this was possible but in the real world I need to work. We all do and so I have put a ban on purchasing anything until next year that is not essential as I have more than enough entertainment. With adding other strings such as writing, learning guitar and French and will never yearn for anything to occupy my time.

To conclude

In life, we feel as though we need to have the latest of this and that but just like Christmas, there is a danger that they will simply sit on the shelf. I have spent the last fifteen years on a journey to discover the greatest entertainment out there, only to see it sitting on my shelf, staring back at me. Like a Lion devouring an elephant, I have gone above what I can feasibly digest in one sitting.

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