Should you buy it if you will never use?

Ben Shelley
6 min readJul 29, 2020
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This year I reached the lofty age of 31. An age close to the point in which I cease to celebrate getting older and begin the process of commiseration that marks the fact that another year has passed me by. The wheels of time cannot be stopped, no matter how much we would like them to be and so as we get older, we begin to focus more.

This for me means focusing on finally working out what I want to do in life. In my head, everyone has this defined by now and is well on the way to achieving this oh-so-human of goals. I, however, had not reached this decision until this year, which has resulted in many days lost in an existential crisis.

I know that most people are in a position similar to myself and still searching for answers. By this token I have decided that I want to pursue my writing, pushing forward with this dream with all of my runtime. Well, all of my run time minus my fiancée, work, family, friends, hobbies, and schedule of entertainment. Entertainment that includes blu rays, Netflix, videogames, WWE Network and books, of which I have many hundreds in the bank and will I ever get a chance to watch, play or read them all? This is with Covid-19 in mind and the additional time that we are all spending at home.

What brought this to life?

The largest catalyst was most likely the realisation that I am getting older and have less time each year. I’m not sure how this works and can only conclude that as you get older, you realise that the amount of sleep you actually need is more than you give your body. So then you give in by going to bed earlier and earlier until you reach a line that you will not cross. For me, this is heading to bed before 10pm and waking up before 6am.

In addition to this, you have more and more responsibilities to save for. This looks like a wedding, honeymoon and family home for me. Three of the most expensive considerations in life and require a certain level of saving, which then means you cannot go out as much. This is naturally not as big of a consideration as it once was. We are all now spending more and more time at home, slowly burning through the masses of entertainment that we own, realising that that initial panic was ridiculous. We are not running out of content and never will!



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