Sunshine doesn’t actually do anything, not directly anyway

Ben Shelley


Photo by Adeolu Eletu on Unsplash

Sunshine provides health benefits for your mood and saturates your body in vitamin D but it doesn’t actually do anything, not like snow.

Snow provides us with small, white fluffy clouds that we can then pick up and throw at each other in the hopes that they will strike another and provide an entertaining afternoon. The Sun simply saps our energy, and requires a mask and the application of lots of water. It is a drain.

For me personally, I would love to move to Iceland because the countryside is beautiful. My wife would hate it as there would be a lot less sun provided to us compared to England, where despite the mild nature of the climate, we do still receive a decent amount of sun.

For me, the enjoyment of living somewhere or going somewhere should be based on your surroundings. It should not be dictated by how much vitamin D you can receive through a great big ball in the sky. It should be through the experiences you receive in return for the time investment.

I have lived in London for nearly ten years now and have received a great deal in return. If I had not then I would have moved out a long, long time ago in order to save money, as living in London isn’t cheap.

London is amazing and I have never regretted my choice to move here, not once but I know I am not moving my life forward to any great extent. I am no closer to owning a house, so living in London, if I hated it, would be borderline stupid.

The Sun shines brightest here. Not in the literal sense but it is always a little warmer in London and people enjoy that…until it gets too hot and that is uncomfortable. Everything grinds to a halt and people start to die. Then the sun moves from love to fear. When we choose to work from home, shut the blinds, turn all of the fans on and wait until the day is over.

To enjoy the sun outside of these exceptional circumstances we have to cover ourselves in cream, place extra glasses on our face and make peace with the fact that we will end up sweating out of every pore as we attempt to enjoy things and not wonder why we are putting ourselves through it.



Ben Shelley

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