The Ageing Process

Where does time go?

Ben Shelley


Photo by Volodymyr Hryshchenko on Unsplash

I cannot believe that we are already more than 250 days into this year and with the weather being more than a bit of a damp squib lately, it certainly does not feel as though we had much of a summer.

In many senses, it still feels as though it is Spring and we have merely seen the reset button pressed. This is something that would make sense to me but it is not true, what is true is that we are more than halfway through.

What is true is that I feel exhausted. Writing this after a weekend catch-up with some uni friends and I am drifting in and out of sleep. Looking through my sleep in FitBit I am not surprised as I am averaging six hours per day of sleep, which is about an hour short of what I need.

I am 34 years of age, not 24 years of age and as much as I would love to start again and have another decade back on to my life, it is not going to happen. We are all provided with a set amount of time for which to achieve what we want to from this life, whether that is raising a family and building a career, to travelling around the world.

We are only provided with a short amount of time and to get the most from it we all need to take a step back at times. We need to prioritise what is important but to do that we need to ensure that we have a proper process behind us and for me that involves sleeping.

An average of six hours a night is what is acceptable for parents but realistically, for two adults who are not far from middle age, it is unacceptable and cannot continue.

I want to get the most from each and every day that I am alive, yet realistically burning the candle until it is ashes is not productive and will only result in one thing, exhaustion, which is how I feel right now. Drained to the core and only after one thing.

My wife and I now need to take a step back and go to bed earlier. Simple you may say and realistically, it is as if all we need to do is go to bed earlier, yet with such a busy life, that is easier said than done.

Since I met my wife this has been the pattern, with less sleep than what we need each and every night, which then moulds into the next day, affecting concentration and mood.



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