The Best Way to Lie

Lying is a skill like any other

Ben Shelley


Photo by Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash

For me personally, the best way to lie is by creating a story that you agree on with yourself in advance.

  • Something that you can blend into the narrative of your life as easily as eating a slice of toast
  • Something that becomes as commonplace as breathing and pushes you forward towards the outcome that you are looking for.

At the present point in time that for me relates to pretending to be happy at work. I have reached the dreaded one-year hump and am struggling to get past it. To stay motivated and see the positive, to move beyond the pettiness and tell yourself that this feeling will not last.

I wish that I did have a switch I could flick in order to transplant a personality on top of mine that could get me through this but I cannot.

I am terrible at lying to the point where I wear my emotions on my sleeve. People can easily see when I am not happy and whilst this only accounts for 10% of my life, it is still noticeable enough to the point where I am still yet to figure out how to conquer it.

Why Lie in the First Place?

The need to hide in plain sight is a key consideration that all of us humans need to figure out, at least at one point in our lives anyway.

We have to work with others and get along with those that secretly we despise. We wish to be able to ignore them and continue on our journey but unfortunately, this is not how life works. Life forces us to find a compromise where what we would love to choose is conflict.

Here we need to find a middle ground, lest we end up isolated, as no one wishes to deal with an unhappy employee. If not dealt with that employee’s discontent could spread to the detriment of everyone around them.

It could bring down the team and even if we could not care less we must blend in as we need to get paid at the end of the month otherwise, what would be the point of heading in every day? We may as we stay home and watch the days pass in silence.

Lying is a way and means of getting through everything because it provides us with a shield. A protective bubble which we can use to surround ourselves with and…



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