The death of the humble wedding gift

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We have more or less everything that we need. We have enough plates, knives and forks to last a lifetime. Getting a set of bone china plates will simply bring a grimace to our faces and be left to gather dust and therefore, what is the point? Money is the universal lubricant and with those donations received, we can help to fund our honeymoon dreams.

Does anyone ask for physical gifts anymore?

I believe that there must be some who still ask for physical gifts. This just makes it feel like Christmas and as I have just eluded to, ends up in disappointment. No one likes disappointment and so why would you disappoint the happy couple on their big day? You wouldn’t and so money is the easiest way in which you can navigate around the situation.

Happy to simply be able to see people

At the core of our wedding is simply the desire to see those that we love and care about. If no-one brought a gift but everyone turned up then I would be happy as Larry. I’ve never met anyone called Larry, but he seems like a happy fellow and we would love to have him at the wedding.

To conclude

I have never been asked to purchase a physical gift for a wedding. People have everything that they need in life and therefore I would always give money when it comes to a wedding. This is also what we are asking for at our wedding. We will be asking for donations to our honeymoon. This ensures that people are still able to contribute something tangible and something that we will actually make use of.

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