The evening guest at a Wedding — insult or kindness?

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Better to be not be invited at all

To turn up hours later after everyone has seen the service, eaten their food and taken their pictures is pointless. Why would you put yourself through it? Walking past everyone to stand with all the others who have been relegated to the B list, smile and act as though you should be grateful for the gesture. Either invite people for the whole day or don’t invite them at all.

The shattering of perception

The reason for this entry is two-fold, firstly I am planning to marry my fiancée next year and secondly, I discovered that a friend has invited me to the evening slot of the wedding.

No more

I have no real conclusion to the situation at present. I’m not going to speak to him about it, I know that as it is their wedding and it would be unfair to bring up. I hope that they have an amazing day and that their lives will be filled with happiness, but I cannot shake the feeling that my perception was off. I felt as though we were friends, not the best of friends, but friends still.

To conclude

For our wedding next year, we have no evening guests, all those who are invited have been so because we care about them. If there was any justice in the world then the simple option for an evening ceremony would be eliminated. They are unfair.

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