Too much choice is a gamer’s worst nightmare

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Too much choice in life

Out of the frying pan and into the fire. The switch to Netflix doesn't exactly help when you realise that you also have Amazon Prime, Disney+, the WWE Network, YouTube, and a selection of Blu-Rays and DVDs staring back at you from the shelf.

More than ten years of entertainment

Earlier this year, the content of my shelves were scanned and compared against the time it takes to complete each experience, in order to come up with a cumulative total. This for me stood at ten years and does not include any expansion to my family or other career transitions. In essence, game over, as practically speaking, the time to complete them all is not available, unless someone locks me in a room for years on end and all there was available to do was digest all these experiences. That is also assuming that insanity didn’t take over first.

To conclude

It is very much a middle-class problem to have and there are millions worse off, not just today but every day. This is a fact. The journey to purchasing so many games, books, films, and entertainment sources is a personal one. The problem is self-inflicted, which in turn has created a level of FOMO (Fear of missing out) that no-one wants in life. We all have desires and material possessions that we want, with the ultimate outcome here being, the more that we purchase, the more that we want.

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