Walk to your DEATH, or be left STRANDING

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Playing the game

Playing the game is an oddity as you feel at times as though you are on holiday or even at work, gazing at the scenery. The first few hours are the exact personification of this as you more or less hold the L2 and R2 triggers, whilst pushing the analogue forward, turning on occasion.

Comparisons with Metal Gear Solid

To preface this section with a confession, Metal Gear Solid is my favourite videogame of all time. I have played through it more times than I should have in such a short space of time that it will always have a firm place in my heart. The later entries into the series moved away from what made the original so unique and bloated them with cut scenes longer than some TV episodes, but I still loved them. I admired Kojima for the vision that he had made manifest, yet I still yearned for the original above all others.

An arbitrary score

These are given in life as we feel the need to rate everything, like a reflection on how you spend your time.

Would I play it again?

Yes. I definitely would play Death Stranding again but not for a while, I have more than enough games and books on my shelf to avoid needing to play straight through again. It was entertaining in the vast majority and whilst it is not Metal Gear Solid, it has enough nods to the series to bring even the hardiest of supporters over to have a look.

To conclude

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