Weddings at the Time of COVID-19

Are we right to consider weddings important at this time?

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Weddings are amazing things. For most, they take months of hard work to shape in the way that you choose. This is what they traditionally look like. At the time of COVID-19, they have been forced to adapt, or as a more realistic assessment, they have been forced to stop.

At present, you are only able to get married in England if you or your partner is dying. This is extended to families and even then, only six people are allowed at the ceremony. It is not what dreams are made of and whilst my fiancée and I are out of the disappointment that was 2020, we still have concerns.

Are They Important?

This may be a rather biased comment as I am hoping to get married next year to the love of my life, but they are one of the most important days. You should not compromise on your dreams and so why should you compromise on your wedding day?

Stereotypically, they are days that women spend their whole lives contemplating, and so why should you give up, pay lots of money and be unhappy? I do that every month to the government when they take my monthly tax payment. This is a process which is unenjoyable, apart from seeing all the spare cash that I receive in return.

This spare cash is saved up for years, to be cashed in on that once in a lifetime day. Your wedding is the culmination of years’ thought and hope. They signify the end of one life and the beginning of a new one. You and your partner invite your nearest and dearest in order to bid you farewell through the medium of alcohol and food. It is something that cannot be accomplished with a reduced dream, and so why should you compromise on importance?

What is Relevant?

Relevance is personal and there are many who will be reading this who will be confused. They will be thinking, deal with it and there are more important things to worry about. Your health is the most important consideration here and they would be 100% correct.

Your health is the most important thing that you will ever own. You should never take it for granted. It is one thing that we should all have in mind when we go about our lives. The relevance that we then add to our lives is subjective. One person’s marriage is another’s promotion at work.

There are those that consider weddings irrelevant at this time but to those, I would say that everything in life is subjective. There is no real truth only perspective and for my fiancée and I, having the wedding that we want is the most important consideration in our lives right now.

2021. Will Change Arrive in Time?

There will be change and there is no doubt about that. Will it be enough though? Yes there is a vaccine but deaths are still on the rise and we are in a third lockdown, so I doubt that it will be here in time. There will be a lot of worried couples like us out there and we feel for them all.

There will be couples who have already postponed multiple times and those such as we who have doubts as to what the summer will look like. 2021 will be better but will it have changed enough? I have my doubts, but the decision is not just mine alone. We have already laid the groundwork and to retreat now would have consequences.

Everyone is pinning their hopes on 2021 and I hope that they are correct, but I am a pessimist by nature and therefore have doubts. Weddings should be stressfully productive no exercise in waiting. Just like Sauron and Frodo, we must wait to see if the Ring will come home. Will everything that we hope for come true or are we destined to get married in silence.

Relative Relatability

As I mentioned earlier in this piece, we understand that the world has other concerns, but whilst we can see the headline, we can’t relate. Weddings are on our mind every day and so we can relate, like water on a rock, we see our chances being eroded as each day that goes past, yet we still hope for the best.

Some may read this and instantly be able to relate, going through similar challenges themselves, but others will simply ignore. What I hope happens is that people read this article and consider all the arguments as weddings are important. Not to the world during a pandemic but for couples to find happiness in a world of despair.

I have seen this level of disparity amongst my friends. Some that have been through it themselves have sympathy and genuinely feel for us, whilst others are lending an ear but deep down think there are bigger concerns for the world. I do not judge the latter group as some of them have concerns that I have no hope in hell of understanding.

The global pandemic has affected us all and we should all stop for a moment and try to put ourselves in the shoes of someone else for a second. Blame won’t get you anywhere but understanding will.

A Final Thought

Weddings are amazing events. They are important to the bride and groom but at a time in which a global pandemic is running riot across the world, they are not important.

It is a difficult pill to swallow and a test for couples. Suppliers are important in the makeup of adapting to this situation. Those who were flexible, and understanding will be remembered and those that held brides and groom’s hostage will be shared. Their handling of the situation will be shared across the internet like wildfire, with only one inevitable conclusion.

Weddings at the time of COVID-19 have been the wheelhouse of those that have no choice. Those that have now face a battle of getting as much as possible in a business-led industry that has one underlying thought.

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