What do you want to achieve?

Is the extra time that we all have on our hands a good thing?

Ben Shelley
6 min readOct 22, 2020


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Each morning I wake up with all the intentions in the world of writing a number one bestseller. It has not happened yet. Personal writing for my blog and for Medium does take place, but they were happening before.

From what I can tell the biggest aspect of my life that has improved is sleep. March to August saw an increase from six hours a day to eight hours a day. Now that my fiancée has returned to work, that figure has gone back down to six again. This is the average without going back to bed, which happens often.

The desire to achieve ends up with me falling back to sleep, which in turn leaves me frustrated. This in turn affects my mental health.

Achievement is relative

My goals are separate to yours, the reader. We all have goals and desires that are unique to each of us. If we all had the same goals then life would be a little dull. The important consideration here is to have goals and do our best to achieve them.

LISTER: The Cat has lead a more worthwhile life than either of us?

INQUISITOR: He is a shallow and selfish creature, as is the hologram. By their own low standards they have acquitted themselves. Whereas you and the mechanoid could have been so much more.

The extract above is from the hit BBC show, Red Dwarf. During the episode, Inquisitor, the lead characters (of the same name) visits the lacklustre heroes to ask them to justify their lives. If they do not, then they get erased from history. Those from the group who are vein get to live whilst those who brave are deemed insufficient in terms of the gift of life.

The reason why those who appear more cowardly are saved is that by their own definition they have justified their lives. This is an important part and one that has stayed with me for years.

From the outside in it does not matter, it is the inside out that is important. The only ones that can justify our lives are us. We are the only ones who can say whether we reached our potential or wasted it. This is something that I have thought of more and…



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