When Age Catches Up

I am now the proud owner of hairy ears

Ben Shelley
4 min readNov 11, 2022


Photo by Johnny Cohen on Unsplash

That is correct and you did not misread...I have hairy ears. It is a concern and one that is occurring more often…just today I found a 2cm hair sticking out. The question now struck me…how long has that been there?

It was very fine hair but still if I noticed it and it was black (very visible to me at least) then how many people have also noticed it? I hope not many but imagine that it was more than I think.

When you get older, are in a relationship and have multiple distractions in work, family and general life, you stop noticing these things.

Age catches up to all of us and whilst I am saying this at age 33 and there are much older people out there than me it is still a noticeable change.

My hair has also begun to recede and I avoid hangovers like the plague as they knock me out for the next day. I have aged but can still find the humour in that fact rather than the uncertainty of how many years I have.

It’s Not All Bad

I am a million times more confident.

I achieve a million more things than I used to and have a marriage to call my own. Rather than being faced with a battle to convince people that I am not a virgin I am now married (One year, two months).

  • I have debts but am holding my own
  • I can head out for drinks/dinner without wondering how I will eat the next day
  • I earn a decent wage and have a permanent role which offers security for the future. We can plan when many others cannot.

I can make small talk with strangers and am not reliant on others whereas before I was a little too beholden to those around me. Don’t get me wrong I will take a lift if offered but am no longer a burden. I am independent and fully able to navigate my way around problems without panicking.

I have money and do not need to rely on pocket money, or weekend jobs to be able to afford what I want.




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