Why Nintendo will always have a spot on the shelf

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A misstep?

Missing from the list if notably the Wii U. This was not purchased by myself due to playtesting and a general sense that the console had widely missed the mark.

Consistently re-inventing the formula

This is not to say that Nintendo is perfect, as they are not. The online services provided by the company have never really reached the mainstream appeal and lust that Sony and Microsoft have.

My oldest friend

Nintendo has been connected to me since 1997, 23 years ago, which makes it my oldest friend.

Creating unique experiences for all of the family

A final reason for why Nintendo will always appeal is that the experiences appeal to all ages, much like that of Disney.

To conclude

Nintendo has been by my side for more than twenty years, producing unique experiences that appeal to the mass audience and pass between generations. Whether you agree that they are more suited to a portable outlet or not, you can agree that the characters they have created, have endured and are at the heart of them, console sellers.

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