Why the Sword is not mightier than the Pokemon

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The reviews

As the only videogame podcast on my phone and as one of the most recognisable names when it comes to videogames journalism, IGN, will be the first review on the list to analyse.

Is it me or is it the game?

I am older than I was back in 1998. Then I was nine and now I am 31.4. Back then the only bills that I needed to consider were for my magazine subscriptions and now my bills reach nearly £900 each month. Work was nothing more than pushing a hoover around and now it dominates nearly 40 hours of my life every week.

To conclude

Age has changed me, as it changes all of us but through it all, I have been a fan of Pokemon. 151 creatures that expanded into a universe of more than 800 that have starred in movies, TV series, videogames, books, trading cards and more. They have raised and shaped me every bit as much as my family has, spending hours reading and caring for them, from Red to Sword, these creatures are my friends.

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