Would You Reset Life?

Is change the best answer?

Ben Shelley


Photo by Nikita Kostrykin on Unsplash

If you had the opportunity to push the reset button on your life, would you?

I would be tempted for sure as there are elements that could do with sharpening up such as my savings but really, would you want to?

We learn far more from failure than success and therefore, would you want to forget these valuable lessons in your life?

As much as there are frustrations in life and areas by which I could do with updating or sharpening up, I worry that I would lose the essentials.

  • Would I still go to University and meet my friends?
  • Would I still end up in London and meet my wife?

Perhaps I would meet different friends that could as easily define me but is it something that I want to risk? Of course not.

As much as the multiverse theory postulates that every action taken and not taken is played out in a parallel universe, it’s not something that I would like to jump into. I would be happy for those other me’s but for my life, I am happy with my choices.

I have made bad choices, sure, such as borrowing way too much money but realistically, it has helped me to live my best life.



Ben Shelley

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