Would you stick your hand in a lion’s mouth?

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We aspire to the common

As much as we would all like to believe that the world is full of possibility, it is not. Distribution of information is limited where possible. The internet has not reached everyone.

Aspiring to fail

Businesses take fewer risks each year. Just look at the average local authority in the United Kingdom. Most are happy with the status quo. Most do not wish to go outside their remit and help those who need it. This is because people are treated as a number rather than a person.

You learn more from failure

The dream of becoming an astronaut becomes less common each year. With most set to fail and little evidence of Spock being around the next planet, we seem destined to settle. This is where we look for careers on firm ground.

A final thought

The internet is a wonderful thing, but is it pushing us forward or holding us back? Does it shove the famous down our throats when what it should be doing is helping us dream?

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